Training - System D to live up to your full potential!

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  • Psychology of Fear
  • Attitude

(Highlighted by four exercises that expose attendees to QUICK THINKING, PROBLEM SOLVING, TEAM BUILDING and LEADERSHIP)


What to do in case of:

Bring out the hero within!

The Benefits of SYSTEM D

The five 3hr sessions course will teach the participants what is required to deal with and lessen the effects of Stress, Anxiety, Apprehension and Fear so that they can reach their full potential whether it is in everyday life or specific, potentially life-threatening situations.

Session 1:  The Psychology of Fear.  This session will focus on the mental preparedness required in dealing with anything and everything life might throw at you!  Exercises pertaining to Leadership, Team Building, Quick Thinking, Problem Solving and more will highlight this session!
Session 2:  Medical Emergencies and CPR instruction and certification.
Session 3:  Fire & Building collapses. Fight or Flight?  Use an extinguisher.  Escape smoke & Fire!
Session 4:  Self-Defense: from a mugging to an active shooter situation.
Session 5:  Weather & Vehicular emergencies and Preparedness kits.

Participants will emerge from this course with a heightened sense of CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM and POSITIVE ENERGY. They will also be happier!

Recent studies have shown that happier, healthier employees boost profits. Happy, Positive people work harder and are more likely to stay at their jobs.  Bringing ethics and values into the workplace can lead to increased productivity and profitability as well as employee retention, customer loyalty and brand reputation!

Motivated, satisfied employees produce satisfied customers, which produce good financial results, which benefit the shareholders.

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