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Amazing outdoor adventure thrills await you with
Guided Outdoor Adventures (GOA)
GOA offerings

All trips indicate a distance from NYC (George Washington Bridge).  That is for reference only.  Travel time is variable based on what day of the week and what time of the day it takes place.  They usually are all under a 2hr drive. We can arrange for transportation.

We are posting 10 choices that have proven to be very popular!  The way we work is that if you are interested in a particular outing on our list, contact us and let us know which one you’d like to go on.  If your date and time are available, it’ll be yours!   If they are not available and we have room on that day’s outing, you could join the one on the schedule.  We can also customize adventures for your group if planned enough in advance!
Because each adventure can be very specific and different, we will give a checklist of gear you will need as well as what we can provide and/or rent once we speak.

We thank you for your interest in GOA!  Let’s GOAnd have some FUN!

System D’s Guided Outdoor Adventures proposes the following adventures:
#1: Ice Caves hike!  Full day!  Difficulty: Advanced
This hike has been described by participants as “The Best Hike EVER!”
85 miles from NYC –Season: April-December
3.75 miles in distance but takes 6 hours to complete.  1500ft of elevation gain.
This hike takes you into a remote, preserved area, with no trails!  A guide and good footwear are a must!  This is like basic or “entry level” canyoneering!
A journey into Jurassic Park!  It is home to places described as “The Refrigerator”, “Bushwack Hell”, “The Grand Canyon of the East”, “Grandfather Cave” and “The Flume”.  The environment of these “Ice Caves” is unique in many ways.  The only other place you’ll find the same Flora and Fauna is north of the Arctic circle.
#2: Canyoneering Plattekill!  Full day!  Difficulty: Advanced
2 miles. 6 hours.  103 miles from NYC
This is the only truly “Technical” canyon I know of on the East Coast!  A very advanced level canyoneering journey.  This journey has you rappelling down 9 waterfalls!  Special skills required for this one.  We offer the training ahead of time (separate day).
The most FUN!
#3: Giant Stairs hike!  Skill level: Moderate/Advanced
10 miles from NYC.  3.8 miles in distance.  2.5-4hrs to complete. (depending on group!)
The closest you’ll get to true wilderness this close to NYC.  It is a demanding hike, rock scrambles, but also very rewarding with views and a waterfall.  Good footwear highly recommended.  Season: all year unless snow covered.
#4: Reeves Meadow to Pine Meadow Lake hike.  Skill level: Easy/moderate. (Many route options)
4.6 mile max.  Can be shortened.  3-4+ hours.  30 miles from NYC.
Wonderful views, rushing water by the trails, view of “The Emerald City of NYC” from a distance and a beautiful lake.  Swimming a possibility in hot weather.  This hike can also be “Snowshoed” when there is snow on the ground!  Season: Year round!
#5: Pine Swamp Mine hike.  Skill level: Easy/moderate
3.15 miles – 2-4 hrs (depending on extra activities).  35 miles from NYC
Moderate level trails with great views a visit to an old Iron mine!  Season: Year round! Activities in and around the mine!!! Call for details!
#6: West Mountain Shelter hike.   Skill level: Moderate/advanced.
4.5 miles – 2.5-4hrs.  36 miles from NYC.
Appalachian trail section to a shelter with a beautiful view (when nice weather) of the NYC skyline from 34 miles away!  Views of the Hudson River.  Season: Year round!
#7: Stateline/Surprise Lake hike.  Skill level: Moderate
3 – miles. 2+ hours. 36 miles from NYC
Beautiful environment and views.  Swimming in hot weather! Season: Year round unless ice is present!
Hikes  #3 thru #7  are all children friendly!
#8: Breakneck Ridge hike.  Skill level: Moderate/advanced
2.5-3miles (depending on route chosen). 2.5-4hrs (based on group pace).  50 miles from NYC.
This hike is ranked #1 on only because of its popularity with NYC residents and the fact that it is accessible by train from the city.  That also has a downside as it can get very crowded.  Very steep climb up but can be done “slowly”!  Great views overlooking the Hudson river and Storm King Mountain.  Ok with kids but must be supervised in a couple of spots with big “drops”. Season: Year round!
#9: Biking Minnewaska.  Skill level: Moderate
13.5 miles (options for longer and shorter). 3+ hours.  83 miles from NYC.
Wonderful park with amazing views of the Catskill mountains and of the Hudson Valley!  This is a  “dream” destination for nature photographers!  October foliage is best! The park is open year round.  No biking when snow covered.  Winter hiking and some snowshoeing are possible but not in the entire park.  Swimming in Summer.
#10: White water Tubing. Skill level: Moderate/advanced.
1.5miles. 2hrs. 109 miles from NYC
This is a late Spring/summer activity.  Thrilling ride in a tube down some class I-III rapids.  This is a fun and adrenaline filled activity!
For more information, pricing, and to book your adventure with GOA, please contact us.
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