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Dominic Derasse

Studying with a Zen Master in the late 1970’s enabled Dominic Derasse to overcome his fear of performing in public.  Being a musician, that was an essential step toward launching a successful career.  This Zen experience became very useful in countless ways throughout his life.

Surviving a 747 crash landing in the Kenyan bush was just the beginning.  While racing rally cars and being an instructor, Mr. Derasse walked away from a number of significant mishaps one of which involved a car rolling over 8 times.

For the past 30+ years, while still a musician, his involvement with law enforcement, as an instructor for high speed pursuit and race driving in both cars and motorcycles, as an EMT, as a Firefighter and as a Lieutenant with N.J. Search & Rescue has given him valuable experience to share with others.

His current hobbies include canyoneering, mountain biking and whitewater sports. One of his most recent stories of survival involves a near drowning situation while kayaking…

For more information on Dominic, visit his personal website:

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